Wood Burning Stove Advice

Installation Process

The process of getting a woodburning stove installed at your home is normally fairly straightforward.

Step 1.

Arrange a free consultation. Use our contact form. We will visit your home and discuss your requirements. We will survey the proposed location and give advice about any alterations needed to the fireplace or room. If you need a fireplace building then we will work out the proportions and discuss the route of the flue

Step 2.

Receive quotation. We will send you a fully itemised quotation with all items costed and any assumptions highlighted. If you then wish to go ahead, we will finalise any details and arrange a start date.

Step 3.

Installation. The installation of a log burner will take between one and five days depending on the amount of work involved. We will arrange scaffolding if needed and GasSafe termination of any gas pipes. If your fireplace is all ready to install into then it will be a one day job. If we are building a chimney breast and fitting a twin-wall flue system then it can be up to five days. We will demo the stove with you and make sure you are happy with how everything works. Remember to order your firewood!


The generally accepted maximum moisture content is 20% but we think this is far too high. Kiln dried firewood is as low as 8% and we would advise not burning wood that has a moisture content higher than 15%


A poorly maintained stove and chimney is one of the main causes of excessive emissions

If you go onto the HETAS website you can search for a sweep in your area by putting in your postcode

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