The Woodwarm Fireview range have arguably one of the best airwash systems on the market today. The name of this range of stove says everything about them. The ‘fireview’ is stunning when burning good quality firewood. A truely over-engineered stove, everything from the fully closable multifuel grate to the door locking catches are made with care and attention that shows Woodwarm have a passion for quality and efficiency.

The Fireview 7 is a stove that is great for a larger room that needs a bit more heat and presence. It is based on the 9kW version but with a less deep profile. It also offers a range of options including woodburning only, double sided, different leg sizes, a plinth or log store.

Glorious fire

The Woodwarm Fireview simply sells itself with the amazing display once it is up and running with a fully burning firebox.

Quality engineering

All Woodwarm stoves are precision engineered and this comes through when installing and using the stove. Everything from the attachments used to secure the flue collar to the door locking catches have been designed with obvious attention to detail and consideration. The air controls have a really satisfying action and are all fully adjustable.

  • Brass handles
  • Plinth Stands Incorporating Log Store – 200mm High (Other heights available on request).
  • Pedistal Stands – 200mm high.
  • 50mm Legs.
  • 100mm Legs.
  • 125mm Legs.
  • 150mm Legs.
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor.
  • Wood burning only model (huge firebox)
  • Double sided single depth
  • Double sided double depth
Output 7kW
Height 683 mm
Width 640 mm
Depth 322 mm
Airwash Yes
Multi-fuel Yes
Construction Steel
DEFRA Excempt No
12mm Hearth Yes
Options Legs, plinth, log store, brass handles, rear flue adapter
Manufacturers Site Woodwarm
Why we like it

The Fireview 7 is a stove that is so hard not to like. The amount of wood you can load into it is brilliant, the lovely air controls are a pleasure to use, everything about this stove is about passion for wood burning.

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