The ACR Malvern II is part of ACR’s steel stove range. A great looking stove with stainless steel door handle and air controls under the front of the stove. The Malvern II is EcoDesign Ready meaning that is meets the 2022 European legislation for high efficiency and low particulates output. We are selling many more EcoDesign stoves now due to the increased public awareness of air quality.

The ACR Malvern II is super efficient (84.3%)  which is one of the highest efficiencies of any woodburning stove and goes to show the clever engineering that goes into a modern stove.

The ACR Malvern is DEFRA approved and can be fitted with an external air kit to pipe combustion air directly to the stove. The Malvern II can have a top or rear flue exit

If you want something a little more elegant, try the ACR Malvern Classic

Tip: We found that because the Malvern II grate cannot be closed, it takes more time to build up an ash bed for better woodburning. Over several burns, we allowed charcoal pieces to wedge into the grate meaning the ash is less likely to fall through. The stove burns wood much better then.

Output 5kW
Height 551 mm
Width 491 mm
Depth 331 mm
Airwash Yes
Multi-fuel Yes
Construction Steel
DEFRA Excempt Yes
12mm Hearth Yes
Manufacturers Site ACR
Why we like it

The ACR Malvern is a really good looking stove, square features with a large glass window. The stove is highly controllable with 3 air controls, primary, secondary and tertiary (for super clean burning). The stove is a perfect choice for an average size room but especially if you don’t want a deep stove (it’s 331mm deep).

ACR don’t offer the stove in any other colour than black but we offer a stove spraying service so you can have it any colour you like from us!

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