The Burley Brampton is part of Burley’s Fireball range. This includes the 3kW Springdale, the 4kW Debdale, the 5kW Hollywell and the enormous 12kW Wakerley. All these stoves are available with a plinth base to raise the height of the stove and provide a store underneath. Furthermore all stoves can be fitted with a multi-fuel grate as an optional extra.

The Burley range have % efficiencies ranging from the mid to upper 80′s which is quite astonishing for a woodburning stove but goes to show the clever engineering that goes into a modern stove.

The Burley Brampton is DEFRA approved and can be fitted with an external air kit to pipe combustion air directly to the stove. Note, the Hollywell does not allow a rear connection for the flue pipe, only a top exit is provided.

Tip: When first using the Brampton or other Burley Fireball stoves it is a good idea to build a large base with kindling in order to boost airflow to the bottom of the firebox. This stove really benefits from a good bed of ash.

Output 5kW
Height 680 mm
Width 595 mm
Depth 405 mm
Airwash Yes
Multi-fuel No
Construction Steel
DEFRA Excempt Yes
12mm Hearth No
Manufacturers Site Burley
Why we like it

The Burley Brampton is a super efficient woodburning stove. It has a unique fire pattern when using properly seasoned wood and warrants using kiln dried firewood to achieve the exceptionally high efficiency of this stove. The door glass is a really good size and allows an uninterrupted view of the flames within. The Brampton along with all other Burley Fireball stoves can be installed on a 12mm hearth.

The front convection air holes feature a removable cover depending on which look you prefer

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